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K&R RoofMasters is a comprehensive Roofing contractor that offers a wide variety of products and services for homeowners in Severna Park and other communities in Maryland. We specialize in roofing maintenance, inspections, repairs, and full roof replacement. We work with all roof types including asphalt, metal, slate, cedar shakes, and even tile roofing.

No matter how simple or complex your roof system is, we can custom build a beautiful roof that perfectly matches your home's current design and accents your property. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us help you launch your next roofing project. With K & R RoofMasters our roofers give you dependable work, fast service, and no-hassle, affordable rates. We are your Severna Park Roofers.

Roof Repairs

The greatest investment you'll makeĀ for your home is a quality roof that offers superior protection all year long. In order to keep your roof in excellent condition, we recommend scheduling routine maintenance.

We provide a thorough point by point inspection of your roof in order to determine which areas need maintenance and upgrades. Regular care for your roof will keep your home insulated and reduce your energy bills each month. It also keeps your property value high and insurance rates low.

Whether your home has recently suffered from storm damage or it's getting old, we offer complete repairs for all types of roofs. With an onsite assessment, we can determine the extent of the damage and then go to work to completely restore your roof back to looking like new.

We understand the repairs are a major inconvenience for your family, so we provide efficient service, dependable high-quality work, and affordable rates that stay within your budget. Don't let roof repairs drag you down. At K&R RoofMasters, we make repairs easier than ever!

Roof Installations

As much abuse as your roof takes from the damaging elements of nature, even the most well-constructed roofs will wear down over time. So when the time comes to install a new roof, count on K&R RoofMasters to build you a brand new beautiful roof.

A brand new roof will give your home security while improving your home's curb appeal. Our contractors will sit down with you and show you all the options available to you, help you design the roof, deliver all products, and install your new roof in no time at all.

Severna Park, MD

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