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When it comes to your roof, this is one of the most important protective barriers to keep your home safe from the natural elements. Whether it's your Tyler Heights home or commercial building, the roof protects you, your assets, and everyone within.

When a roof is damaged, whether from a storm or natural wear, it must be repaired. Over time, it will need a replacement as well. K&R RoofMasters is your go-to roofing contractor to handle all your service needs including roof repairs, roof replacements, inspections, siding installation, and gutters. Our highly experienced Tyler Heights roofers will take your satisfaction seriously.

About Our Roof Repairs

Tyler Heights storms can damage your roof a little or a lot. If you have storm damages that need repair or a tree limb has fallen on the roof, call K&R RoofMasters first. Be sure you call in a professional quickly to avoid further problems from rain or moisture that will be more expensive to resolve.

Roof Replacements

If you haven't taken a good look at your roof in some time, it's past time to do so. The shingles may be damaged beyond repair. When this happens, it is not unusual to have leaks that you may not know about.

Leaking within your attic and wall cavities can create mold, rot, and mildew within the bones of your Tyler Heights home. Roof leaks need to be taken care of right away, so having a professional examine your roof for possible replacement is important.

The thing you need to know about your roof structure is that many issues aren't recognized or seen by the homeowner. A professional roofing contractor has the skill to determine what type of shape the shingles and structure are in.

If your roof hasn't been replaced in ten years and you have standard shingles, let us come take a look at it. You can trust K&R RoofMasters to give you an honest roof assessment. If it does need replacement, we'll offer you an affordable, free estimate.

K&R RoofMasters offers durable roofing materials that give you a tough barrier against the natural elements here in Tyler Heights. Let us show you our great options in beautiful, durable shingles for your Tyler Heights roof replacement.

Roof Inspections

Our K&R RoofMasters roof inspector can examine the condition of your Tyler Heights roof and provide you with a fully detailed, written report. This information is very useful to you as a homeowner and for insurance claims purposes. Roof inspections are also a useful service when buying or selling a Tyler Heights home. Call the experts at K&R RoofMasters for your roof inspection and all other roofing services.

Siding Installations

New siding, to either replace the old or install new, is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to enhance the beauty and value of your home. Siding helps to insulate the home to increase the overall energy efficiency. With so many great benefits, homeowners everywhere are understanding that this is a worthy investment.

Siding can be installed over old brick, old clapboard, old rock, and concrete block. There are different methods used depending on what material the siding will be installed over. Whether it's a replacement or new installation, we are the experienced siding contractors who will get the job done right. You won't have problems later down the line with moisture leaks or siding that falls apart. Call K&R RoofMasters for all your Tyler Heights siding services.

Gutter Replacement & New Installations

Do you have sections of gutters hanging off your roof? Are there dented sections or downspout parts missing? Or worse, are there no gutters at all? When there are no gutters or damaged gutters on your Tyler Heights home, something needs to be done about. This system is important to protect the siding, foundation, and roof from water damage. Call today so we can remedy the situation. We have the colors and styles you are looking for and will make sure you have a good gutter system to route rainwater away.

Tyler Heights, MD

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