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West Annapolis Roofer

If you've examined your roof or believe you may need roof repairs, contact our professional West Annapolis roofing contractors at K&R RoofMasters We can take a look at your roof and assess needed repairs, and we can provide you with a very useful roofing inspection for insurance or loan purposes.

We'll make an honest recommendation to you about your roof repairs or replacements. The West Annapolis area is a part of our local community, so you can trust that we wish to continue our great reputation with honest advice, expert workmanship, and complete customer satisfaction.

We provide a number of roofing services to West Annapolis area homeowners and commercial roof owners. Whether it's repairs, siding, gutters, roof replacement, inspections, or maintenance, K&R RoofMasters has you covered.

Maintaining Your West Annapolis Roof

It's vital that your roof stays in good shape so it protects all your valuable assets, including those who live, work, or visit your property. Roof repairs should always be done as soon as possible, but maintaining the roof is equally important. We have a great maintenance plan to keep your West Annapolis roof in great shape. Our Overhead Care Club gives you many benefits!

West Annapolis Roof Repair Service

When storms come to West Annapolis that create havoc on our rooftops, it's important to contact a professional roofing company who can be trusted to be there for you through the roof repair and restoration process.

Call us fast and we'll come out to discuss the process with you and the ways we can help you as your professional roofing contractors. We will thoroughly inspect your roof and provide you with a written report that details the current condition and what needs to be done in terms of repair or restoration.

Professional Roof Inspections For West Annapolis

A professional roof inspection is useful for many things including insurance claims, roof repair financing loans, detailed information for you as owner, and for safety code compliance. A professional roof inspection will detail the condition of your roof, what needs to be repaired or replaced, and what it will cost to get it done.

After storm damages, a professional inspection is important if you want to be able to negotiate on the insurance claim. If you have inferior products installed on your roof and they are damaged but no longer up to code (for instance, your decking), our inspection report can be very useful in ensuring you get the materials replaced according to current safety building code requirements.

Siding Installations

Not only does new siding look beautiful, it is ranked as one of the top smartest home investments you can make. Whether you are selling a home or keeping it, siding installation adds value to your property and helps to increase the overall insulation factor. Choosing siding today isn't as simple as going with the traditional vinyl siding.

There are many styles to choose from including those which look like real rock, wood, stone, and slate. Let's take a look at some colors and styles today. We would be glad to come to your location and answer all your questions. K&R RoofMasters has you covered for durable, beautiful siding and expert installation.

Interested In New Gutters?

You can protect the roof and the foundation of your West Annapolis home with gutters. Gutters do matter to the structure of a home although they may seem unnecessary. A roof takes a lot of rain, ice, and even snow in some areas. Since the rain cannot stay on the roof, it runs off the edges and down to the ground along the foundation area.

This is not good for your home's siding, the roof shingles, the trim under the shingles, or the base of the home. The gutter system routes the rainwater away so it doesn't damage these areas. If you are ready to install or replace gutters in West Annapolis, call us for an estimate today.

West Annapolis, MD

If you are looking for an expert roofer for service in the West Annapolis, MD area, please call (410) 535-1572 or complete our online request form.